Missing dash core component Tabs

Hi everyone,

this is my first post in the Dash community, so firstly I would like to thank Chris Parmer for having created this beautiful Python framework and the rest of you for supporting.

I have installed the Dash libraries and the related dash-core-components.
The Dash-core-components library version is 0.15.2. Unfortunately it seems that the Tabs component is missing from this package. Could someone give me some hint on why does this happen?

Thanks all.

As mentioned in the user guide, you need to install a pre-release version of the dash-core-components package. Looking through the pull-request that page links to that appears to be:

 pip install dash-core-components==0.15.0rc1

Thank you @nedned, I had to uninstall the 0.15.2 version and now it works.

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hi, may i know what is the latest and greatest dcc version which include the ‘tabs’ feature?

i am still having an issue with Tabs after pip instal dash-core-components==0.15.0rc1.

dcc.Tabs(id=“tabs”, children=[
AttributeError: module ‘dash_core_components’ has no attribute ‘Tabs’

I’m using tabs with dash-core-components==0.21.0rc1

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