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AttributeError: module 'dash_core_components' has no attribute 'Tab'

Greetings - trying to integrate dcc.Tabs into my code but I’m getting the following error

AttributeError: module ‘dash_core_components’ has no attribute ‘Tab’

was this not released yet?


this is happening despite uninstalling dash_core _components and then running ‘pip install dash-core-components==0.15.0rc’ …

Please follow the official installation instructions here:

Thanks for responding @chriddyp. I followed the official installation instructions (which worked) but then that brought me to:

dash.exceptions.InvalidConfig: routes_pathname_prefix needs to end with /

I solved this issue by adding a ‘/’ after each of my pathnames ; however, now I am receiving this:

dash.exceptions.DuplicateIdError: Duplicate component id found in the initial layout:

any ideas?

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