Updating database from another PC

Apologies if this question is out of scope, I’m just not sure where to get insight about this (StackOverflow didn’t help).
My script reads an excel file using pandas.read_csv(), which is therefore read as a dataframe, analysed and interactively displayed on the dashboard. The excel file is of course in the current working directory where the script is.

My queston is after I deploy the app (I use heroku), the user will want to be able to read their own excel files to display different data on the dashboard, not just the one currently there. How would this be possible if I have bundled up and deployed the app from my PC ? How can a uesr from another locatin (PC) change the data that is being displayed? Do I have to deploy the app from their PC instead ?

Thanks in advance, any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Maybe they could upload the data to the server?

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Thanks for the reply @Emil :slight_smile: I was considering adding the Upload component, but since this would mean restructuring the entire code (since I didn’t build it with dcc.Upload in mind and the app ended up being pretty complex), I wanted to see if there is any other way to upload a file from another PC before I delve into this option. Thanks!

After doing a bit of research I found out about the AWS S3 bucket and the simple-file-upload Simple File Upload | Heroku Dev Center (which on the user interface part sounds the same as the dcc.Upload that @Emil mentioned?). I’m struggling to understand if this feature is free or not, because the linked webpage errors out.
Also, is the simple-file-upload the ‘back-end’ part of the dcc.Upload component? Can I use dcc.Upload without setting up the simple-file-upload / AWS S3 bucket ? Then where would the uploaded file be stored? Will I have to re-push the entire app for the effect to take place?