Dcc Upload Component, use dataframe in other pages

Hello guys, I’m making a multipage dashboard and recently I wanted to give something special to the dash. So, I decided to add a dcc. Upload Component to my first page in the dash and the idea is to upload an excel with some data, but save the data in a global variable so I can use it in all my other Dash pages.

The structure of the app is:

  • index.py (renders the layout of from each file in folder depending on the selection)

  • app.py


  • app1.py
  • app2.py
  • app3.py

What I need to do is, in the index, upload an excel through dcc. Upload Component, generate a DataFrame with pandas, save it as a global variable and then use that dataframe in all apps in the folder(app1, app2, app3). I’ve been searching but I havent find any technique to accomplish what I want to do. Do you guys have any advice, reference?

Thanks so much in advance.

Hi @dshernandez and welcome to the Dash Community :smiley:

It’s not clear to me where are you having problems.
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I just edited the question, thanks for caring. <3

I think (not sure) that you could do that using dcc.Store, it’s a component that’s allow to store information in memory that has the property storage_type (local, session and memory) to define it duration.