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Updating a list of elements

I have a connection to database that will produce some results in a few rows, probably 5 results which will yield info like name, count, year.

I want to display these 5 results as a list on my app.

My code is:

            html.Ul(id='my-list', children=[
                html.Li([], id='firstArticle'),
                html.Li([], id='secondArticle'),
                html.Li([], id='thirdArticle'),
                html.Li([], id='fourthArticle'),
                html.Li([], id='fifthArticle')
        ], className='resultStatsRight')

However, I am not sure how to achieve my goal, to get the results I will issue a callback with psycopg2 that will yield an sql table.

I am not certain how to achieve multiple output callback that will automatically be placed in their order.

Any help will be appreciated!