Displaying list data from a call back

Hey guys I"m building a Dash app that explores events in the Ticketmaster API, I get a list of event names based on a state and add it to a Python list within a callback. When I return the list to display in my html I get a blob of text. How can I loop through the list in my HTML to customize with CSS? Image shows how the list of events are displayed.

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Loop through the list and create an html.P object of each thing you want to show. You can then customize each html.P with a className. This will split the text into separate, customizable items.

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@leuls can you please share your code here I ams truggling with same issue but don’t understand how to loop

@russellthehippo can you please elaborate how to loop?

My data is in a dictionary that needs to be converted from a dropdown to a ListGroupItem