Creating Multiple Outputs from dynamic list

Hi everyone,
I am having some problems using multiple outputs. I have the following callback:

Output(‘cercos-analisis-byname’, ‘children’), + [(Output(f’button-edit-{i[0]}{i[1]}’, ‘disabled’)) for i in data] +[(Output(f’card-base-{i[0]}{i[1]}’, ‘color’)) for i in data],
[(Input (f’{i[0]}_{i[1]}’,‘n_clicks_timestamp’)) for i in data]+

where data is a list of elements which i take from my mysql DB. The thing is, when i start the app, everything works fine, but if i have new element in DB i get this error
“” dash.exceptions.InvalidCallbackReturnValue: Invalid number of output values for … … Expected 10 got 9". This happen basically cos data is increasing, and as i saw, inputs takes the new value in data, but no in output.
Anyone knows what im doing wrong? or if there is another way to do this ? How is possible to fix this??
Thanks in advance

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