Updated data/graph getting reset after browser page refresh

Working on the Live data dashboard with a dash. Getting data from a database that adding data live in the database.
Data and graphs are updating after every interval means fetching the latest data from the database by interval component callback.
Everything is fine until I refresh the page from the browser. After refresh, all charts and data in the dashboard reset to the initial state means all live updated data get lost from the dashboard.
and after interval callback, it again fetches the latest data and renders updated charts.

The issue is why after a browser refresh it not showing updated charts since databases are having latest data?

The possible reason could be, it is using initial app layout form saved memory after page reload, if yes thn is there any way to store updated layout, so that dash can pick it on page refresh?

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Hi @mukul.sharma did you take a look at the documentation on persistence? I don’t completely understand the problem because what you’re plotting should be set completely in the callback, so within the callback you can check that the data which you are plotting corresponds to what you expect.