Dash App running with closed browser

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This might be a stupid question but I want to give it a try:

I have built a Dash App which retrieves live pricing from some financial markets and updates a chart every 5 seconds. I am using dcc.Interval which triggers the respective callback getting new data and updating the chart. The data are stored in a dcc.Store and used as a State variable. Now, when I close the browser (the Dash App is still running in the baclground) and open it again, the page is reset and the live update starts from scratch again. The dcc.Store resets, the dcc.Graph resets and all other components as well. Same happens when refreshing the browser. I am asking myself, is there a way, that everything keeps running even when the browser is closed or refreshed? I was looking around in the community and didnt find anything. I am not sure this is a stupid question. I mean there must be a way and I assume I am not the only person having this issue or question. Any help would be very much appreciated

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Hi there,

I don’t think this is a stupid question by any means…

Even though you can in principle persist the data in Store when the app closes (using “local” storage type), the data there won’t get updated because the callback is not triggered (the application is closed). Alternatives are outside the scope of Dash and there are multiple ways to automate the data ingestion and the serve it in a Dash app,