Unrolled Circos chord plot

Can Plotly or Plotly/Dash be used to create a visualization that isn’t supported by one of the canned offerings? I would like a plot that looks like an unrolled Circos chord plot, in which the circular circumference is presented along a horizontal line (an X-axis in effect) with the chords now appearing as X-loc to X-loc arcs projecting above the X axis (like the St. Louis Arch). Everything else about the Circos plots would be preserved, including the hierarchical groupings and all other such features. Can Plotly or Dash be used to generate this desired visualization?

Thank you.

Such a plot is called Arc Diagram, but Circos cannot define it. This is an old example https://chart-studio.plotly.com/~empet/13574/ , and below the plot there are a few comments with two links. The last one is a link to the code generating it using Python 3.+ and Plotly 3.+. Across the WEB the arcs in an arc diagram are semicircles, https://vega.github.io/vega/examples/arc-diagram/ but I preferred arcs of an angle different from pi, generated as Rational Bezier curves. The St Louis Arch is not a semicircle.

Yeah, I know the St Louis Arch isn’t circular; it’s pretty obvious at a glance. I think either a catenary or parabola would be the most attractive arc for such a plot (which, of course, is what the St Louis Arch is anyway, a catenary).

“Arc Diagram”. Got it. Thanks for the term and the examples. I’ll see if I can get those working for me.


I was able to download and run the Star Wars example. So now I can just substitute in my own data and I’ll be off running.

Thanks again.