Chord chart data sample is missing

@empet by chance do you know the link of the gml data mentioned in the following link. The source data link is moved and no longer be available and can you let me, know where I can find it?

Eurovision15.gml at the link Python Chord Diagram | Python/v3 | Plotly

any ideas? and thanks.

You can download it from github. The code was written six years ago with Python 2 and an early Plotly version. I’m not sure if it still works or not.

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@empet Thanks. Is there a divided chord graph example like the following?


This is the code. It is 6 yo, too, but from time to time I updated it after some plotly releases. A user collected the code from notebook into a few functions, and the link to the corresponding github gist was posted here. Search, pls, this forum with “chord diagram” and it’s possible to find that link.

Is this the link you mentioned? I guess not many people uses Chord Diagram over time. This is a gem buried too deep~!

mentioned in the following post

@DennisZ On the same thread you can find this link.

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