Chord Graph Tutorial Error

Hi, I’m following this tutorial to create a chord graph.
I replaced

import plotly.plotly as py


from chart_studio import plotly as py

since plotly.plotly is deprecated.
The actual problem is that even though I followed literally the guide, an error occurs that tells me a map object is not subscriptable (that is true).
In this case, the Weights variable is subscripted inside the for loop (line starting with >>>)

Weights= map(int,["weights"])
for j, e in enumerate(E):
    pts=BezierCv(b, nr=5)
>>> text=V[e[0]]['label']+' to '+V[e[1]]['label']+' '+str(Weights[j])+' pts'

Probably the tutorial used python2, but in python3 maps are not subscriptable anymore. The problem is that I don’t really know how to define Weights in python3 in order to obtain the same script behavior.

Do you know any solution?
Or is there a newer guide on this same topic?

@Mirk0_98 The code for chord graph was written for Python 2, in 2015. You must update it to work with Python 3, and the latest Plotly version.

Yes, I noticed it was for python2 that’s why I’m looking for an alternative way to use the map() function since it’s different between the 2 versions. There is no guide for v4 as stated here.
My question is if anyone of you knows a workaround for this problem.


I forgot that I updated the code for this type of graph, three years ago.
You can download this notebook and the gml file, Eurovision15.gml
Comment out import plotly as py, and eventually replace FigureWidget by Figure. I’ve just downloaded this notebook and run it. It works perfectly.


Thanks, it works for me too. Now I’m going to study the code to make it actually work for my dataset. :grin: