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Unexpected keyword argument rows

Using dash_table, I would like to produce an empty table, as suggested by this post:

import dash_table as dt

app.layout = html.Div([
    dcc.Location(id='location', refresh=False),
    html.Div(dt.DataTable(rows=[{}]), style={'display': 'none'})

But I am receiving the following error :

TypeError: Unexpected keyword argument rows
Allowed arguments: active_cell, column_conditional_dropdowns, column_static_dropdown, columns, content_style, css, data, data_previous, data_timestamp, derived_viewport_data, derived_viewport_indices, derived_viewport_selected_rows, derived_virtual_data, derived_virtual_indices, derived_virtual_selected_rows, dropdown_properties, editable, end_cell, filtering, filtering_settings, filtering_type, filtering_types, id, is_focused, merge_duplicate_headers, n_fixed_columns, n_fixed_rows, navigation, pagination_mode, pagination_settings, row_deletable, row_selectable, selected_cells, selected_rows, sorting, sorting_settings, sorting_treat_empty_string_as_none, sorting_type, start_cell, style_as_list_view, style_cell, style_cell_conditional, style_data, style_data_conditional, style_filter, style_filter_conditional, style_header, style_header_conditional, style_table, virtualization

I was wondering if this is due to an update (for ex., argument name “rows” became “selected_rows” ?), or anything else ? Actually I ran into this issue also when running the code at this post , which gave me TypeError: Unexpected keyword argument sortColumn.

Any help would be very appreciated!

Be careful, keyword “rows” is from deprecated “dash-table-experiments” (, not from “dash-table” ( which uses they keyword “data”.