Datatable argument list inconsistency? TypeError: Unexpected keyword argument `page_current`

Hi guys,
it seems to me that something is wrong on the layer 8.:slightly_smiling_face:
I try to set a kind of backend operations based on this manual:

However, the arguments provided also here:

seem not to reflect what is provided by the most up to date values - see below.
Any clue how to reflect the table modification in the graph?

I’m using dash v 0.43.0.

Many thanks,

TypeError: Unexpected keyword argument page_current
Allowed arguments: active_cell, column_conditional_dropdowns, column_conditional_tooltips, column_static_dropdown, column_static_tooltip, columns, content_style, css, data, data_previous, data_timestamp, derived_filter_structure, derived_viewport_data, derived_viewport_indices, derived_viewport_row_ids, derived_viewport_selected_row_ids, derived_viewport_selected_rows, derived_virtual_data, derived_virtual_indices, derived_virtual_row_ids, derived_virtual_selected_row_ids, derived_virtual_selected_rows, dropdown_properties, editable, end_cell, filter, filtering, filtering_type, filtering_types, id, is_focused, locale_format, merge_duplicate_headers, n_fixed_columns, n_fixed_rows, navigation, pagination_mode, pagination_settings, row_deletable, row_selectable, selected_cells, selected_row_ids, selected_rows, sort_by, sorting, sorting_treat_empty_string_as_none, sorting_type, start_cell, style_as_list_view, style_cell, style_cell_conditional, style_data, style_data_conditional, style_filter, style_filter_conditional, style_header, style_header_conditional, style_table, tooltip_delay, tooltip_duration, tooltips, virtualization

Hi Vaclav, The docs have been updated to the newly release dash v1.0.0, which includes dash-table v4.0.0 that refactored a lot of its props.

Hi Alex, many thanks. You’ve helped me a lot. I can confirm it works fine and dashboard is excellent.