Trying to display all y-axis names in scatter chart even without data

I have a code that is keeping track of usernames and the time they logged in for a site, then display that on a scatter graph with the username being on the y-axis and the dates on the x. As this only tracks data for the past month, if there hasn’t been a log in from a particular username it doesn’t show that username in the y-axis. I have a list of all usernames, but I’m not sure how to use them here. Is there any way to display all of my available usernames in the y-axis of my scatter graph?

Here is my code.

        fig1 = px.scatter(userdb[userdb['date-time'] > ( - pd.to_timedelta('30 days'))], x='date-time', y= 'Username', color = 'Username')

                    dict(count=1, label="1d", step="day", stepmode="backward"),
                    dict(count=7, label="1w", step="day", stepmode="backward"),
                bgcolor = 'black'


            title="Logins for last 30 days",
            height=450, #350

Hello @ShreyanshG and welcome to the community.

Before looking at the code, may be you have to think again about the type of graph you want to use. Unfortunately a scatter plot is not appropriate for what you want to do. For a scatter plot both x and y axis should be quantitative .


Hi @ShreyanshG,

while @AbdelAnlah has a valid point, you could map your names to integers, plot these integers on the y-axis over the x-axis and use custom ticks to use the actual names. You could also map a color to each name.

import pandas as pd
import random
import as px

days = 31

# create data
week = pd.date_range('01/01/2022', periods=days, freq='D')

# all names

# current names in period
current_names = list('EFGHIJKXRQD')
current_names = [random.choice(current_names) for _ in range(days)]

# name mapping name --> int
name_map_dict = {n: i for n, i in zip(all_names, range(len(all_names)))}

# color mapping name -- color string
color_map_dict = {n: c for n, c in zip(all_names, px.colors.qualitative.Alphabet)}

# create DataFrame
df  = pd.DataFrame({'date': week, 'names': current_names})

# add columns with mapped entities
df['name_mapped_to_int'] = df.names.apply(lambda x: name_map_dict[x])
df['name_mapped_to_color'] = df.names.apply(lambda x: color_map_dict[x])

# create figure
fig = px.scatter(df, x='date', y='name_mapped_to_int')

# custom range and ticks
    'yaxis': {
        'range': [0, len(all_names)],
        'tickmode': 'array',
        'tickvals': [*range(len(all_names))],
        'ticktext': all_names
    'height': 600,
    'width': 600,
    'template': 'plotly_dark'



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