Traces from timeline dissapear when using rangebreaks

I have the following code to generate a timeline:

fig3 = px.timeline(
  gantt_df.query('STUDY_ID == "407951"'), x_start='start_date', x_end='finish_date', y='TEST_NAME',
  hover_name='study_title', hover_data=['user_name', 'study_type'], labels=labels,
  height=600, text='STUDY_ID', opacity=0.4,

  textposition='auto', textfont_size=16, marker_line_color='black', marker_line_width=0.5,

    # dict(bounds=["sat", "mon"]), #hide weekends

fig3.add_vline(, line_width=2, line_color="gray")

Note the rangebreak is commented. So I get th following timeline:

The problem is when I uncomment the rangebreak the three traces dissapear, however the data is there. when I do I see the same (with rangebreak and without).

Any idea of what could be happening?