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Bug with px.timeline()


I think I’ve found a bug, or maybe I cannot figure out what is wrong:

I’ve plotted this px.timeline()


with the following code:

    fig = px.timeline(df_list_rev, x_start="Start", x_end="Finish", y="Ufficio",
                      color="Persona", labels={'Persona': 'Persona', 'Ufficio': 'Ufficio'},
                                            width=800, height=600)

The problem is that if a person choose two different “y” over time, their marks on the plot are bigger and not proportioned with all the other, as you can see (pink and green blocks: they are the same as other in dataset, but bigger in the plot). The problem disappears if the person is associated with more than three “y” over time.

What can I do to fix this?

Thank you in advance