Timestamp Error

From the above chart you can tell we have a bit of an issue:
On closer inspection of the timestamps on the x-axis, you can see that the ‘zig zagging’ is because of the to timestamps on the furthest right have been miss placed.

First Checked the data used for the chart: Nothing
This is the last section of the metadata used to fill one of the lines: No miss placed dates…

Playing around the with the chart, a little lost, I noticed - when I only have one dataset visible it worked as expected…
when we look at the x-axis the timestamps are placed as expected.

I am not sure what the remedy for the problem would be so I will provide a little bit of context:
The chart is visualizing data sets from sensors (you may have guessed that by now) and due to the nature of the application, there is drift in the timing of the sensor readings. The result of this causes the timestamps of sensors to only line up on the seconds. But occasionally, in this case, ~24hours, the sensor readings will fall on a different second for one reading.

This seems to be throwing a wrench in how plotly.js loads in datasets for multiline charts.

Thank you for your time