Time-series chart shifting value by 5.5 hours

I am plotting a simple time series line chart with the following details:
x = series of timestamps (date and time)
y = series of integers

When I plot the data, the graph was x-axis values shifted back by 5 hours and 30 mins.

So for instance, if the value in the series being plotted on x-axis is ‘2019-01-07 20:45:00’ it gets plotted on the chart as ‘2019-01-07 15:15:00’

Any ideas/thoughts on why this is happening? I keep thinking I am missing something really obvious here.

Are you using a timestamp with a timezone? I’ve run into problems with those since it seems to convert them to UTC… What I usually do is just convert the timestamp to a string, or just remove the timezone information from the datetime object (something like series.tz_localize(None) if you are using pandas).

There seems to be an open issue about this: https://github.com/plotly/plotly.py/issues/209.