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Plot time series for multiple traces with differing timestamps

Hi there,

I’d like to plot multiple time series data traces on one graph. Seems work beautifully when all the X axis time stamps match. When there is a slight variance however, I get the below. Note trace 1’s time start going backwards because it’s 2nd timestamp is a few seconds out from trace 0’s 2nd timestamp…

Check out this fiddle. I am attempting to plot time data for several data points who’s timestamps will almost always not match up. I it possible to do this with Plotly?


Thanks for writing in.

In your fiddle, the timestamps are in fact plotted as categories - which are displayed on the x-axis in the order found in the data traces.

plotly.js does not automatically to convert all strings to dates. That is, only YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS strings are automatically converted to dates. See example:

So to get the desired results, you’ll need to convert your timestamps to dates before sending to Plotly.plot. Forked from your fiddle, here how:

Fantastic, thanks for clearing that up and updating the fiddle!

Hi, can you please help me out here:

I have only timestamp values and I did try getTime() method, but no luck!
I just updated the fiddle according to my use case. Any help would definitely be appreciated.
Thanx and regards