Testing pattern-matching callbacks

Hi everybody, I’m setting up some testing and I am running into an issue when trying to test functions with pattern-matching callbacks.

I have a function like this:

        Output('country-focus', 'n_clicks'),
        Output('country-zoom', 'value'),
        Output('country-lat', 'value'),
        Output('country-lon', 'value'),
        Input({'tag': 'model-map', 'index': ALL, "n_clicks": ALL}, 'viewport'),
        Input({'tag': 'model-map', 'index': ALL, "n_clicks": ALL}, 'id'),
def zooms(viewport, models):
    """Syncronize all maps to have same center and zoom in mosaic"""
    ctx = dash.callback_context
    if ctx.triggered:
        changed = dict(ctx.triggered_id) 
        index = models.index(changed)
        if viewport[index] is not None:
            return 1, \
                    viewport[index]['zoom'], \
                    viewport[index]['center'][0], \
    raise PreventUpdate

Which I’m trying to test with a function that looks like this:

 def test_zooms():
     def run_callback():
         context_value.set(AttributeDict(**{"triggered_inputs": [{"prop_id": "{'tag': 'model-map', 'index': 'med
          ian', 'n_clicks': 0}"},{"prop_id": "{'tag': 'model-map', 'index': 'median', 'n_clicks': 0}"}]}))
         return code.zooms([None, None],[{'tag': 'model-map', 'index': 'median', 'n_clicks': 0}, {'tag': 'model-
          map', 'index': 'monarch', 'n_clicks': 1}])
     ctx = copy_context()
     output = ctx.run(run_callback)
     assert output == (True, False)

The assert output statement is not what I’m expecting as the output, just a dummy to see what happens.

I’m fairly sure the problem is in the context_value.set line, as I’m not sure how to refer to the pattern-matching variables. Anybody have any experience with this or have any tips that might point me in the right direction?