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Pattern Matching Callbacks and Dash Testing

Hi folks,

Wondering what to use for HTML selectors for the Browser testing API when we use a pattern-matching callback. I tried a stringified dictionary with no whitespaces as alluded to in the pattern-matching callback documentation, i.e.: '{"index":0,"type":"dynamic-dropdown"}' as a stab in the dark with no luck.

Is there an implementation for this yet?

In the Dash codebase, we’ve got some pattern matching tests with selectors here: Maybe that helps?

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Thanks, your CSS escape function helped.

I ended up debugging my problem by printing out all of the IDs on the page. The issue was that the ID was formatted as '{"index":1,"type":"filter"}' instead of '{"type":"filter","index":1}' such as how it was created. Do the dictionary keys get sorted alphabetically or something?

edit: just realized i could also inspect the element IDs with dev tools… shows you how much time i spend on the front end :upside_down_face: