Telco Customer Churn Analysis and Prediction

Hello everyone, I developed a Dash application! Here:

GitHub: GitHub - tolgahancepel/telco-customer-churn

This application allows you to predict Telco Customer Churn and analyze the dataset which is published by IBM.

I look forward to your feedback. You can view all codes and modelling notebook on GitHub.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Really nice!!

What are some inputs that cause the model to predict retention / “not churn”? I entered some parameters that I thought would be relatively “safe” but it still predicted churn!

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: @chriddyp ,

XGBoost model can estimate feature importance, so we can interpret dominant features for prediction. Unfortunately SVM (if not linear) is black box.

For example: keep all input values and just increase TotalCharges to 240 and Tenure to 40.

Here is the XGBoost feature importance: