SVG4601: error in IE edge but not chrome

Hi there,
I keep getting this error for some of my scatter plotsSVG4601: SVG Path data has incorrect format and could not be completely parsed. My plot works in chrome. I will post data that doesn’t work in ie

also before I plot the data, I pass the x values to the function

function toDate(d) {
  return new Date(d).getTime();

because my x axis is time. Also I can see some of my annotations on the graph but there not at the proper x value. They’re structured like this,

I saw another post which pointed someone to which is a similar error but does not help me out. Any ideas?

Can you share a reproducible example with us to help us debug?

Okay so I started to compare the data between ie and chrome and realized that my x values in ie were undefined but not in chrome. It turns out that new Date(“2016-09-29 15:37:48”) works in firefox and chrome but not ie. This stack overflow topic fixed my problem

Thankfully it was something easy to fix and not really a plotly.js problem! Sorry!