Sum of the magnitude in go.Densitymapbox

Bonjour à tous,

Hello to all,

I am delighted to post my first post in this forum. I discovered poltly by chance during my research.

Currently in my project I have a dataset that contains cities around the world. For each city I have 3 values ‘Latitude’, ‘Longitude’, ‘Interest’.

My goal is to make a heat map of interest around the world.

Here is my code :slight_smile:

import plotly.graph_objects as go
from plotly.offline import plot
fig = go.Figure(go.Densitymapbox(autocolorscale = True,lat=test.Latitude, lon=test.Longitude,z=test.interest,
                                 radius=1 ))
fig.update_layout(mapbox_style="stamen-terrain", mapbox_center_lon=180)
plot(fig, validate = False, filename='plot_race.html',auto_open=True)

On the image below I am sure that it makes the “sum” of the values of Z my “interest”. While if I zoom on my country none of the values exceeds -1. So I am looking for a way to have a simple color following the point and make a simpler heat map. The range of my value in Europe is [-2,7] and not 30…

Thanks a lot !