Subplots with scattergl does not work

Dear community,

I have a quick question:
I want to show density plots for my scatter plot data, just like so:

This works fine when I use type: scatter for my scatter data.
However, since i have a lot of points I want to display my data using scattergl.
But when I change scatter to scattergl, this screws up the nice subplot behavior and produces the following:

Am I doing something wrong, or is there any workaround you can suggest to help me, fix this?

Again, any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

Yep, that doesn’t work with scattergl.

See list of all things that don’t work here:

Noo…:frowning: That breaks my heart.
But still, thank you for the quick reply @etienne and for the link.
I guess this also explains some other issues I am facing… unfortunately.