Subplots - multiple ternary plots

Trying to figure out the correct syntax for plots with subplots that have multiple ternary plots. Is this possible?

Here is what I’ve tried:

Documentation says the ternary trace has a field called subplot

subplot (subplotid)

default: ternary
Sets a reference between this trace’s data coordinates and a ternary subplot. If “ternary” (the default value), the data refer to layout.ternary. If “ternary2”, the data refer to layout.ternary2, and so on.

Here I set the subplot attribute in the trace

var trace5 = {
  name: 'tplot2',
  subplot: 'tplot2',
  a: [80, 50, 90],
  b: [50, 60, 20],
  b: [50, 70, 90],
  type: 'scatterternary'

then in the layout:
tplot2: {
sum: 100,
aaxis: makeAxis(‘a’, 0),
baxis: makeAxis(‘b’, 45),
caxis: makeAxis(‘c’, -45),
domain: {
row: ‘0’,
column: ‘3’
however it is ignored. Only the layout.ternary formatting seemed to picked up and applied to first ternary trace.

Any way to make this work?

Here’s a working version:

I see now that the documentation was being literal when it used “ternary2” as the subplot identifier. For anyone reading, where I had used tplot2 in the above code, replace with ternary2.
Thanks for your help.