Customize a Basic Ternary Plot

Hi everyone,
i’m using a ternary plot (, and now, after some changes, my chart is like the image:

But i’d like to get a chart like this:

Divided into three parts, with 3 different colors.

Can anyone help me, please?

Thank you.

You could try to overlay your marker above three fill: 'toself' traces (example, open the console to see the graph’s data/layout).

Good day!

Thanks for the example, I was checking out the console and figured this is what I needed. Sorry, I am a little new and I am a little confused on how to use the fill attribute and the “tonext” value. Also, my data is in a separate json file. Based on what I saw in the console, the data and the fill color for the regions were in the same block of code? Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the help.