Stacking large scatter traces with plotly express


I’m trying to plot stack traces using plotly express px.line. With a rather small pandas dataframe, px.line generates a figure with scatter objects, thus I succeeded by using:
fig.update_traces(stackgroup=‘one’, mode=‘lines’)

While upscaling to a larger dataframe using the same script, px.line generates a figure with scattergl objects and I face the following error:
Invalid property specified for object of type plotly.graph_objs.Scattergl: ‘stackgroup’

Looking at the documentation (checked on 09/10/20), there is indeed no ‘stackgroup’ property for scattergl, even though there are references to it in ‘fill’ attribute.

Q1: Is it possible to “force” px.line to use scatter instead of scattergl?

I guess a simple workaround is to generate a figure without px and explicitly use scatter instead of scattergl; at the cost of code readability (px is a really nice feature for this) and performance.

Q2: Would it be possible to align scattergl documentation and behaviour by either adding stacking feature or editing “fill” chapter of documentation? - I’m not sure it’s the right place to ask though… sorry for that.

Many thanks,

env: windows 10 / python 3.7.3 (anaconda) / plotly 4.11.0