'scatter' objects don't have these attributes: 'stackgroup'

Hi all,

I am trying to plot Stacked Area Chart with Original Values using plot_ly but I am having problems as I got this message from the R console:

Warning messages:
1: ‘scatter’ objects don’t have these attributes: ‘stackgroup’
Valid attributes include:
‘type’, ‘visible’, ‘showlegend’, ‘legendgroup’, ‘opacity’, ‘name’, ‘uid’, ‘ids’, ‘customdata’, ‘selectedpoints’, ‘hoverinfo’, ‘hoverlabel’, ‘stream’, ‘transforms’, ‘x’, ‘x0’, ‘dx’, ‘y’, ‘y0’, ‘dy’, ‘text’, ‘hovertext’, ‘mode’, ‘hoveron’, ‘line’, ‘connectgaps’, ‘cliponaxis’, ‘fill’, ‘fillcolor’, ‘marker’, ‘selected’, ‘unselected’, ‘textposition’, ‘textfont’, ‘r’, ‘t’, ‘error_x’, ‘error_y’, ‘xcalendar’, ‘ycalendar’, ‘xaxis’, ‘yaxis’, ‘idssrc’, ‘customdatasrc’, ‘hoverinfosrc’, ‘xsrc’, ‘ysrc’, ‘textsrc’, ‘hovertextsrc’, ‘textpositionsrc’, ‘rsrc’, ‘tsrc’, ‘key’, ‘set’, ‘frame’, ‘transforms’, ‘_isNestedKey’, ‘_isSimpleKey’, ‘_isGraticule’, ‘_bbox’

I do not know how to fix this, I have been following the instructions that are in this link:https://plot.ly/r/filled-area-plots/

hope some1 can give me a hand


Cristofer Tadrissi

Also I have been checking on this link:https://plot.ly/r/reference/

and it says A scatter trace accepts between all the keys listed it appears [stackgroup ]

So I am confused why in the website says this attribute is available and when I am doing in R code is not.

Btw I am using R 3.5.0 version