Stable Dash/Plotly Version for IE?

Hey, ive been struggling with IE recently. Is there any stable version for IE? 1.6.1 has fixed some issues with IE but im not sure its stable. Thx.

If you’re worried about stability, you could wait a couple of weeks to see if any follow up releases get made. But otherwise it’s likely one of the most stable release yet. I’d recommend trying it and seeing if it works for your app.

Yeah, after further testing it seems that layouting works weirdly in IE, thus hover Event doesnt get triggered on my pie chart. Kinda weird. Im trying to reproduce the none working hover on a chart error, but havent managed to yet.

Well, ive been able to replicate it, was an issue with my custom css that only occured in IE.
Adding a border-radius to main-svg class prevents any hover events to trigger.
Still, the performance in internet explorer loading multiple charts is pretty low.