PieChart plotly.js 1.47 unstable since last dash update?

Hello there,

My dash app is behaving weirdly since I updated my dash to 1.0.0.

I have a basic Piechart, which is displayed almost correctly most of the time . But from time to time, for no reason, the rendering stops on loading. I mean, I end with an empty figure container. And the below error message.

More suprising, I have to refresh the page to fix it. Sometimes 1x. Sometimes 3x. Sometimes 15x, and suddenly it works.

Besides this “random stability”, I would like to understand why do I get this:

  1. black lines going nowhere
  2. texts not aligned(text+value+percent)
  3. how to change the format so that every percentage is rounded to the closest decimal 0.00148%…accuracy is good but there i just would like to show “0.001”

I finally opted for a SunBurst. No clue how to fix my issues with the PieChart, but SunBurst is better.