Spikes/ hoverinfo sticking to mesh points instead scatter points. Potential Bug?

i have a Scatter3D and Mesh3D in one plot. When I´m hovering with the curser over the scatter points the hoverinfo is not desplayed. Also the spikes don´t “snap” to the right scatter point but stay at a mesh3D point. Even when i set the Hoverinfo to ‘none’ or ‘skip’ for the Mesh3D and play around with spikesnap and spikedistance in the layout the problem still persists. So mainly the Problem I can´t resolve here is that plotly is not realizing that my curses is on a scatter point when I combine the scatter3d with mesh3d in one plot. If I disable the whole mesh, everything becomes smoothe again for the scatter points. Does somebody know a solution or is this a bug in plotly? The video shows the problem quite good I think.
Thanks and greetings,