Specifying Plotly.Js reference for Dash

Is there a way to tell Dash to use a specific version of plotly.js? Recently there was a bug/breaking change that was resolved in https://github.com/plotly/plotly.js/pull/4144, but Dash is still referencing plotly 1.49.1 and i need it to reference 1.49.4 (where this was fixed). In jupyter, this works with plotly offline (it is referencing the latest plotly.js).

For now, no mapbox styles (even the ‘public’ ones) are working in Dash.


In Dash contexts, Plotly is a global variable in JavaScript so you can open up your browser’s JavaScript console and run Plotly.version:

You can see which versions are included in plotly (the Python package) and dash-core-components by checking out the package’s CHANGELOG.md files in GitHub.