Hi, I’m having some trouble. I need to make a slight change to plotly.js in dash-core-components to make it meet web standards for a project I’m working on. The issue I’m having is I can’t seem to generate new version of the javascript files that dash-core-components based on my modification to plotly.js.

Does anyone know how to generate these files? The main one seems to be async-plotlyjs.js. From what I can tell it’s pulling a copy from, but how can I create my own version?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve been stuck on this for a few days.

If anyone else has this problem I think I figured it out. I had believed I had updated the build scripts to use a different version of ploty.js, but it was still pulling from node_modules, I replaced the node_module version with my version and it did exactly what I was trying to make it do. Not the fully correct way to do it, but if you go in that direction it should lead you down the right path.

Another option is to place your custom build of plotly.js in your assets/ folder. If dcc detects Plotly in the window then it will use that version of plotly.js instead of loading it from async-plotly js.js.