Slider to dynamically change x-range of a Layout

I have three traces that I combine to produce a figure. Each of these three traces form a triangle using mesh3d function Here is my code:

trace1 = [go.Mesh3d(x=[0,2,5], y=[1,4,3], z=[2,3,5], color='green', opacity=0.50)]
trace2 = [go.Mesh3d(x=[2, 4, 3], y=[1.5, 3.33, 6], z=[8,2,6], color='blue', opacity=0.5)]
trace3 = [go.Mesh3d(x=[12, 4, 5], y=[5, 13, 8], z=[1,3,5], color='red', opacity=0.5)]
fig = go.Figure(data=trace1+trace2+trace3)

Is there any way I could add a slider that would dynamically change the portion of x-axis in view? Besically I want a slider for the following code:

             xaxis=dict(nticks=4, range=x_range, ),
             yaxis=dict(nticks=4, range=y_range, ),
             zaxis=dict(nticks=4, range=z_range, ), ),
         margin=dict(r=20, l=10, b=10, t=10))

where I want a slider for at least the x_range which would change the 3d diagram.