Add Slider to a list of Figures

Hi, I have created an array of Figures type go.Figure()

Where each fig has been added multiple traces:

   # Adding scater markers at ach country
   - fig.add_trace(go.Scattergeo( lon = df['longitude'],  lat = df['latitude'], ... ) 

   # For each vector in exchage between countries draw a line 
   - fig.add_trace(go.Scattergeo(locationmode='country names',   lon=[origin_lon, dest_lon], lat=[origin_lat, dest_lat], mode='lines')

  - # Also Add another trace at each vector for the text 

  - # Also in same for loop I add the arrow pointing to the exchange 

All the above has it’s for loops and logic.
I wonder if there is a way I can add the slider or update the end figure directly with a for loop
rather than having to add the slider inside my code logic.

Below is the representation of figures[0]

Many thanks!

@empet :pray: is it possible?