Range slider make sure taxis starts at a specific number

i have the following code that draws a time-series plot with range slider.

    import plotly.express as px
    fig = px.line(returns, x='date', y='value', title='Growth of 10k', )
                              dict(label="Linear", method="relayout", args=[{"yaxis.type": "linear"}]),
                              dict(label="Log", method="relayout", args=[{"yaxis.type": "log"}]),
                dict(count=1, label="1m", step="month", stepmode="backward"),
                dict(count=6, label="6m", step="month", stepmode="backward"),
                dict(count=1, label="YTD", step="year", stepmode="todate"),
                dict(count=1, label="1y", step="year", stepmode="backward"),
                dict(count=3, label="3y", step="year", stepmode="backward"),
                dict(count=5, label="5y", step="year", stepmode="backward"),
    ht = plotly.offline.plot(fig, output_type="div", config={'displayModeBar': False})
    return ht

which produces the following graph:

by moving the x-axis range slider the portion of the data displayed will also change as well which is what I want, but on the y axis, the range doesn’t change and stays the same is apparent from the following:

my question is that is there anything I can do to make sure that the series always starts at a specific number at the y axis? like in the second picture instead of having the series start at 3M on the y-axis I want it to always start at 10k. i don’t want to do any data recalculations and i only want the y-axis labels to change accordingly.