SIngle hover box for multiple traces

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Is there a way of creating a single hover box that displays data across multiple traces at a time? I know how to create a plot with multiple traces so that when you hover over a point in one curve you see individual hover boxes for all of the corresponding values in the other curves as well. What I’m wondering though is if there’s a way to get all of this data consolidated into one single hover box. So far in my searches of plotly examples I haven’t come across a way of doing that and it isn’t readily apparent to me how to implement. Any thoughts on if this is doable (and if so any suggestions)?


Hi @tanyasjeffries this feature will be available in the next release of plotly, so please stay tuned! It should be released next week or the one after. The feature name is “unified hover”.

Awesome! Great to know. Thanks :slight_smile:

This unified hover feature is now available with plotly 4.6. See the example and the announcement post for the release.

Awesome! This looks great. Thank you!

So I started playing around with this some more and was curious about another thing. is it possible to have a unified hover box across subplots? Say I had stacked subplots one on top of the other with a shared x axis. Is it possible to use the unified hover feature to show a single hover box for all of the traces across the two subplots?

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Hi - I am also interested in a solution/workaround. Any ideas ? Thx.

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Hello There, Anyone found any workaround for this ? i have tried multiple things but none of them worked