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Show and Tell - ML Bridge - Combining Machine Learning and Cybersecurity

Hi All :grinning:

I am currently working as a Google Summer of Code Student Developer as a part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

During the summer I created a software suite that is used to integrate machine learning capabilities with CoreDNS, to protect people against malicious websites and applications. It helps in identifying websites that could be potentially used by malicious hackers and cybercriminals and prevents the user from accessing such websites. You can learn more about my project here.

As a part of the software suite, I created a user interface built with Dash inspired by the Dash Oil and Gas Project.

These are some GIFs that show the working of the application. (Apologies for the weird resolution that the GIF’s have on this post, they look much much better in the website describing the project: Moreover, if you right-click each GIF and click view image, you will be able to see a higher resolution GIF.):

  1. Training the Machine Learning Model:

  1. Historical Analysis:

  1. The Manual Vetting Tool:

I know its kind of hard to understand what the project is all about from the GIFs, so if you’d like some more information about the project please visit:

I’d love to get feedback regarding the project from the amazing Dash community and would love to answer any queries that you have. :smiley:.