Show and Tell - Dash Admin Components

Hi everyone,

We’d like to share with you our Dash library that simplifies dashboards development and mimics shinydashboard implementation of AdminLTE3 template.

dash-admin-components includes several dynamic high-level components, such as navbar, sidebar, collapsible boxes, boxes with tab, etc. It is a by-product of what we did for our insurance clients in Quantee ( and we have decided to make it open-source.

Working example can be found here.

The source code is hosted on Github. As we might not have enough time to develop the library, bug reports and pull requests are very welcomed.


  • allows to quickly build a beautiful, responsive dashboard
  • based on Bootstrap 4, so it is compatible with dash-bootstrap-components.


  • uses AdminLTE3 jQuery for sliding and resizing page, but in React manner.
  • the Bootstrap 4 css is preloaded (just like in shinydashboard), thus usage of different Bootstrap templates is restricted.

This is really awesome, and exactly when I was thinking of updating the visuals in my project :smiley:
Thanks for sharing !!

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This is very cool, thanks for sharing!

This is fantastic - especially the tab boxes. Thanks for the build and share!

This is really great!

I definitely will prototype a Dashboard at some point with this library.