Anyone use a bootstrap admin dashboard template?

I was thinking of using an MIT licensed admin dashboard template - specifically just taking the CSS/HTML UI design and writing a dash layout for it [ html.Div(className=…) ]
Has anyone done this before?

The design inspiration I’m looking at is

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I have done it several times and is working fine for me.
currently am working with this working fine

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Wow that is a great job! Would you be willing to share the source for one of your dashboards?

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If you haven’t come across it already, you might find the Dash Bootstrap Components package useful


simple dashboard.

will post full functional application soon…


Yes, I have also done this. You can also take CSS/HTML UI design and write a dash layout as you mentioned. I have used this admin dashboard template and it works great.

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Take a look at this project: GitHub - quanteeai/dash-admin-components: AdminLTE3 Dash components

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Yes. I’ve recently used Sneat Free Bootstrap 5 HTML Admin Template and it worked great for me. You can literally integrate it with any backend you want. Also, it is highly customizable admin template.


Hi, thats great to hear!

I was wondering if you were able to use the custom components like footer or menu with dash. I’m not sure how that would be done. Would appreciate any guidance on that, since there’s nothing specifically about sneat + dash out there. Thanks

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Hey Plotly Users

Choosing the right admin dashboard template is like picking the perfect avocado—sometimes it’s tough, but when you get it right, it’s so satisfying!

I have this list of (80+ Admin and Dashboard Templates by WrapPixel) very useful for your upcoming projects. It could streamline any development process.

  1. WrapPixel Bootstrap Templates

  2. Modernize Bootstrap Admin Template

  3. Metdash - Free Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template

  4. Freedash - Bootstrap 5 Admin Template