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Hi all,

For a few days, I have been playing around with dash. It works great! At my job, we have a large 3D printer, and I made a small dashboard that can display some core values. However, I was thinking of making the app much more feature rich. One of the things that has been consuming much of my time is the layout of the app. I am not very familiar with HTML, so creating these layouts has been quite of a struggle. The app that I made before was made with Qt, and Qt designer. This Qt designer has a nice visual interface for creating the app.

  1. Is something also available for Dahs?
  2. Any tips on creating more complex layouts?
  3. Dash uses HTML, can I design the layout in, for example, google web designer? And rewrite it to Dahs components?

Any help would be more than welcome!



Hi Matthijs,

Please look at the following resources:

-Bootstrap: Responsive layouts and components for Plotly Dash

-Slapdash (Boilerplate for bootstrapping scalable multi-page Dash applications)

Best regards, Rob


Hi Rob,

This is amazing! Exactly what I was looking for.



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The bootstrap components are amazing!

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