Plotly Dash - Layout issues

Hi guys, is there any good tutorial how to style graphs in Plotly - Dash? I am struggling with Flexbox it seems that it is not working correctly and fetching some internal classes related to CSS from library(dash)

What is the best approach for styling dashboard in Plotly Dash? Any tutorial? I bought Udemy for Dash but nothing new there for me…

I have started using Bootstrap for layouting using dbc.Col / dbc.Row but if there is anything better please let me know.


Hi @vlitavsky welcome to the Dash community.

Bootstrap is great. In addition, here is solid documentation on the Dash Layout.

In my Dash tutorials I use a plotly-pre-built CSS form inside the assets folder just like in the documentation above.

This is how the folder should look like.

Take a look at the python file and how I add className rows and columns. It’s a simple and straightforward way to manage layout of graphs.

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Hi @adamschroeder

Thank you for the time to respond. It is been helpful. I will try to grasp your approach since it saves lines of code and at least .py file looks better.

Thanks again