Designing Layout

Hi there

I have spent some time during the last month building a Dash Web App. I really love it. The bootstrap layout is easy to use. However, I struggle with the design. How can I make my graph, dropdown, Table components look better. I mean, it always looks a bit „lean“. I am looking for something like shown in the dash gallery examples. Providing a frame to the components, with different color etc. Am I missing something? Trying to stick to bootstrap layout.

Thanks in advance and happy holiday season

Applying styling via CSS, you can make the layout look exactly as you like. If you create the .css file in a folder named “assets” next to, your styles will be loaded automatically.

Ok, many thanks for the hint.

Ok, so it seems I have no clue how to procedd here. Is there a beginners guide how to apply .css ?

Mozilla has really good resources for this sort of thing.

Thank you very much!

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