Show and Tell - Airport Explorer

Hi everyone,

I have just released a first version of my “Airport Explorer” app:

Some background information:

  • I’ve created the app for my Master’s Thesis
  • The main goal of the app is to allow users to compare airports. Example: Imagine living in London UK. You have multiple airports to choose from when travelling. Which airport do you choose? Which is the best for you?
  • It uses Dash Pages that was introduced in Dash 2.5
  • The flight data is from the OpenSky Network - after cleaning (e.g. incomplete flights, cargo flights etc.), I ended up with around 25 million records in my database. Please excuse longer loading times, I’m still optimizing the database queries.
  • The GitHub repo is still private - I’ll set it to public soon. Code got a bit messy though…

A big thanks goes to @snehilvj and all Dash Mantine Components contributors for providing us with these great UI components!

Feedback is very much appreciated - there’s still a few weeks left before my thesis is due, so let me know if you have any suggestions!


Wow this is really great! And it was super fast when I tried it :rocket:

This app is amazing! I love how much information and interactivity you include while still maintaining a clean look.

This is a very nice app :heart_eyes:. Thanks a lot for sharing. I really like how you nicely you have used icons in your inputs. Let us know when you have made the repository public.

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The GitHub repo is public now:

hi @yanboe
Really nice usage of Dash Mantine components. Congratulations.

Thank you for sharing the app and the code with the community.

When I look at your first post, the image of the app link that you share is broken. Dash Pages has meta tags that you can configure to share app images, and I see you used Pages. Do you have any idea why the image is broken?

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@adamschroeder I took a quick look at the code in GitHub, and it appears that there are no images in the assets folder.

@yanboe If you would like to include an image when you share a link, you can simply add an image file to the assets folder called app.png, and it will automatically be included in the link for all pages. If you would like a different image for each page, then you can make the file name of the image the same as the file name for the page. For example, home.png would show only for the home page.

More info and examples here: Multi-Page Apps and URL Support | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly

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Thanks for the hint! Hired someone from Fiverr for a logo and voilà: