Sharing our solutions?

Hi all,

may I ask, if more students are interested in sharing the solutions?
Or if someone needs help and you know the answer easier by having a look to the whole implementation, it would be nice to share e.g. our github repos if available…

Or is there any other kind of concept you have prepared that we can use as well?

In general: What are your thoughts about it?

If of interest: my one is

hi @Ilo2023
The solution are already shared at the top of each assignment. Can you please tell me more about your suggestion to share the solution on github. I’m not sure what the goal is because the solutions are already available for all course participants.

Thank you.

Thanks for your fast reply.
How can I get access to all our exercise solutions?
When I click on the… link ‘see assigned exercises’ I get the assignment text with the link of your google solution and nothing more.

Furthermore, do we have acces all the time even after the course?

See you in a few minutes, perhaps you can explain how to get there? Thanks …

Is it possible to go over the AG Grid solution, I seem to have issue installing dash_ag_grid(maybe I am in VPN) and that if I follow the solution, await only allowed within async function Pylance and I run into an error, Thanks!

pip install dash-ag-grid

Dash AG Grid | Dash for Python Documentation | Plotly


hi @Ilo2023
I’m glad we got a chance to talk about this at the live session.

To summarize,
the solutions for each assignment are in a link at the top of every assignments. But if course participants would like to share their own solutions/work with others, github is a good place to do that. We’ll go over that next week.

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