Anyone have experience with Enterprise solution provided?

We were discussing SSBI at work and I accidentally mentioned plotly because I’ve used it for personal projects but never at professional scale. So I’m looking for actual experiences from people who use this product for work. I doubt they’ll come here since they get dedicated help, but I don’t know where else to find industry information. Reviews are surprisingly hard to find.

From my personal experience I remember it wasn’t the best and at many times quite maddening especially the docs, but at the time it caught my eye - it’s pretty (and sunk cost fallacy etc.) I’m kinda worried that if we go this route, it may not end well for myself. This is becoming more of a concern since I’ve revisited the library. Some simple things can be very difficult to do, and other things can be long winded.

So please share your experiences on how Dash/plotly has performed over-/under-expectations. For reference I’m in big data so we need performance and customisation. We’ll be working with the Py library. How are the limitations of browser application?

Some notes:

  • Dash’s enterprise solution (Dash Deployment Server) covers deploying, managing, and authenticating Dash apps. So, if you’re happy with open source Dash, then Dash Deployment Server makes it easier to manage those apps. More info here:
  • I mention this because it sounds like you are more interested with knowing more about the open source Dash python library itself and the types of apps / visualizations that you can make. Just wanted to make this distinction between the products clear.
  • You can always learn more by talking to us or by playing around with it yourself on a trial. There’s a contact form on the website, also here:

Cheers for the info. I was aware of the distinction. And I’m sure we’ll do the trial before committing. I wanted more actual experiences before giving that a shot. Anything that may not be obvious on first impressions etc.

Am I safe I assuming the plotly Js/Py library is essentially what we’ll be using with Pro subscription? With other perks obviously. I’ve been playing with it but my use cases are far smaller and I can always use multiple tools when necessary.