Share Your App - Explore Page - August 2023

Thank you for your interest in submitting your Dash app to the Plotly Explore Page platform, visited by thousands of Dash users daily.

Current submissions cycle will run from August 1 to August 31, 2023.

To submit your app, please reply to this thread directly.

Please refer to the following suggestions when building and submitting your app:

  • Apps in the following categories are encouraged: Energy & Utilities, Business, Predictive Analytics & Forecasting, NLP, Connecting to APIs
  • App should look as good or better than the current apps on the platform
  • App should use different data than the other apps and try to cover a unique story
  • Content/story should be neutral or positive
  • App with live data that updates itself is encouraged
  • App that goes beyond exploratory analysis – app that perform advanced analytics
  • App that uses 3rd-party libraries (e.g., SciPy, spaCy, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn)
  • App that solves real-life problems, app that could have practical use cases
  • App content and results should be easy to access (we discourage requiring log-ins or uploading data as a precursor to seeing the full app).

The Plotly Example Apps team will review the apps submitted and update this post with the names of the apps that have been selected.

Happy Dash app building!

Hi @adamschroeder

I’d like to submit my application H-transport-materials.

This dashboard is used to interactively inspect the HTM database: a database of hydrogen transport properties in materials.

The app can be found here.

Kind regards,
Remi Delaporte-Mathurin

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Wonderful. Thank you for the app submission, @remidm

Do you know why the graphs are empty when the app is in the Dissociation coeff tab?

Yes, this is because there are no dissociation coefficients for tungsten in HTM yet.
If you select another material you will see entries.

Congratulations to @remidm :raised_hands:

We’ve decided to include your hydrogen app in our Plotly Explore Page.

They should be up and running later today.

Thank you for building and sharing your app with us.