SGB Analyser app with Dash Mantine Components

Hi All

Check out this Sovereign Gold Bond Analyser app here: I created this dummy app to showcase the beauty of dmc components and consequently the app (created using dmc) itself. The source code is available at: GitHub - snehilvj/sgb.

I created a small package called dash-mantine-react-table based on It can be found at GitHub - snehilvj/dash-mantine-react-table: The right datagrid for Dash when using Dash Mantine Components based on To install:

pip install dash-mantine-react-table

The above app uses this package, along with dash-mantine-components, dash-iconify and dash-nprogress.

dmrt is already pretty good if you just want to display your data with basic client side features such as filtering, sorting, pagination, etc., but it lacks any support for callbacks for now. I’ll add it in some time.

Here’s a few screenshots from the app:



This is awesome! Are you going to add documentation to the dash mantine components page? Is it also possible to use filter variants such as the range slider with this?